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    Acoustic Calculators

All About Room Design (ext. link)

Setting Up Speakers In A Rectangular Room

Calculate Room Modes

Amount of Standig Waves In A Rectangle Room

Standing Waves Calculation Program (ext. link)

Cancellation Frequencies

Reverberation Time Calculation

Calculate optimal Room Dimension

Calculate your Bass Trap, Panel - or Slat Absorber, Skyline - or Quadratic Residue Diffusor

Using a Excel Spreadsheet to Study the Oscillatory Movement of a Mass-Spring System ( very technical! )

These are a complex set calculations and fast computer is needed!

Download mass_spring_system.xls (530 kB)

Recommended Citation

Oliveira, Margarida Cristina and Nápoles, Suzana (2010) "Using a Spreadsheet to Study the Oscillatory Movement of a Mass-Spring System," Spreadsheets in Education (eJSiE): Vol. 3: Iss. 3, Article 2.

Master Handbook of Acoustics

by: F. Alton Everest, Ken Pohlmann

Amazon Price: $26.37 (as of 08/28/2009)
If you are really interested room acoustics as it relates to music and audio, this is the book for you. It's over six hundred pages but it is not written like a physics grad student book full of theorems and derivations and it's also not dumbed down to a point where you can't use the information other than for clever conversation. It's full of practical examples and information related music recording and listening.