Friday, January 18, 2019
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Very often people ask me:
  • is the SpeakerCalculator also available for Macintosh or other platforms ?

Bad facts:
  • no, SpeakerCalculator is not available vor Macintosh and other systems at the moment

  • SpeakerCalculator is only available for Windows XP

Good facts:
  • we are planning a Java Version of SpeakerCalculator (JSC)

  • so it will be possible to run SpeakerCalculator on all Operating Systems

Because we are very busy with a lot of different projects, we don't have the time to concentrate us only on this new version of SpeakerCalculator and Java is new for me, so it will take some time to get finished, approximately end of 2011

Most important changes:
  • Demo version with limited possibilities or time limited

  • The new full-version of SpeakerCalculator is not for free

  • Price: no idea, but certainly not expensive

    For further questions, please contact me