Calculate Closed Enclosure (choose Qtc)

  Fs :    Hz - Resonant frequency of the driver  
  Qts :    Total Q of the driver  
  Vas :    Liters - Volume of air with same compliance  
  Qtc :    total Q of the speaker in an enclosure including all system resistances.  
  Vb :  Liters - Net volume in liters of the box ( No filling with absorbent material ! )  
  Fc [Hz] :  Hz - Resonant frequency of the chassis in the housing  
  F3 [Hz] :  Hz - Frequency where the level has dropped by 3 dB  
  Fmax [Hz] :  Hz - maximum amplitude peak at Fmax (for QTc > 0.71)  
  Amax [dB] :  dB - Frequency of maximum amplitude enhancement (for Qtc > 0.71)  

  • You can change the Qtc value and / or the other TSP Parameters
  • Move the mouse over the Plot Line and you will see the Frequency and dB values at that position.
  • You can zoom in by selecting a range with the mouse.

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