Closed Enclosure Calculator ( choose Volume)

  • If only Qms and Qes are known, press Qts button to calculate Qts
  • Qms and Qes are optional
  • Fs, Qts and Vas must be entered


Driver Parameters

Fs :  Hz - Resonant frequency  of the driver.
Qms : - Q mechanical - needed to calculate Qts
Qes : - Q electrical - needed to calculate Qts
Qts :  - Total Q of the driver  
Vas :  liters - Volume of air with same compliance.
  • Estimate volume of internal driver and parts ( Vdr )
  • Consider the length, wide and wide when estimating
  • Enter volume of enclosure desired
Vdr : liters - Volume of internal driver and parts
Vb :  liters - Volume of enclosure to calculate performance specifications.

Calculated inside Dimensions

Width = cm    inches
Height: cm    inches
Depth: cm    inches
Volume: liter    in3

Calculated Performance

Qtc total Q of the speaker in an enclosure including all system resistances.
Peak db @ Hz
f-3 Hz "Cut off" frequency  at -3dB

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