Convective Heat Transfer Calculator


Transfer of heat from one place to another due to the molecular movement of fluids (Air or liquid) is known as convective heat transfer. When molecules move from one place to another they carry heat with them.

  • Natural Convection
Natural convection is the transfer of heat due to movement of liquid or air molecules without external sources such as a pump or fan. It occurs because of Buoyancy Forces generated due to liquid or air molecules density differences. This density difference is caused by the molecule’s temperature difference.

  • Forced Convection
In Forced convective heat transfer, flow of fluid/air is caused by an external force such as fan or Pump. Forced convection is used to increase the rate of heat transfer compared to natural convection. For example, Air conditioner cools the room by using forced convection. If we increase AC fan speed, cooling increases because of increased in forced convection.

Convective Heat Transfer Calculator

Hot Side Temperature : °C
Air or Liquid Media Temperature : °C
Heat Transfer Area : mm2
Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient for :
Thermal Conductivity of Material : W/mK

Convective Heat Transfer = Watt

Type of Convection Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient
Air, free 2,5 - 25
Air, forced 10 - 500
Liquids, forced 100 - 15000
Aluminium 205
Copper 385
Iron 79.5
Steel 50.2

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