Notch filter design calculator – for speakers
using Re, Qes, Qms and fs

The function of the series notch filter is to dampen the effects the driver resonance has on filter networks. Most drivers has a large impedance peak at it's resonance.
For crossovers to works as expected, it's important to have a nearly resistive impedance, at least in the crossover frequency region. Most drivers benefits from using notch filters, specially tweeters and midranges where the component values can be kept small. Using this filter on bass drivers calls for very large (and expensive) components.


Re – DC resistance Ohm
Qes – Electrical Q factor
Qms – Mechanical Q factor
fs – resonant frequency Hz


R = Ohm
L = mH
C = uF
Start Frequency: 10 Hz
Stop Frequency: 25000 Hz

Notch filter design calculator – for speakers using the Inpedance Curve

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