Tube Bias Calculator

Select Tube Type:

Plate to Cathode Voltage: Volts

Used volts (Plate to Cathode Voltage) = volts Volts

Tube Max Design Dissipation = Watts  100% Pa

Class A Fixed Bias

70% Cool = mA = Watts
80% Average = mA = Watts
90% Max Safe Dissipation = mA = Watts

Class AB Fixed Bias

50% Cool = mA = Watts
60% Average = mA = Watts
70% Max Safe Dissipation = mA = Watts

Cathode Bias

Cathode Bias 85% Cool = mA = Watts
95% Average = mA = Watts
100% Max Safe Dissipation = mA = Watts

Tube Dissipation Using Cathode Resistor Voltage Drop

Please enter Tube Type and Plate-to-Cathode Voltage above before calculating Tube Dissipation.

Number of Tubes that share a cathode resistor:
Voltage Across Cathode Resistor: volts
Cathode Resistor: ohms

Used Plate to Cathode Voltage = volts     Change Plate to Cathode Voltage

Total Cathode Current = mA
Total Plate Current = mA (Cathode Current minus approximate Screen Current of 5.5%)
Plate Current per Tube = mA
Plate Dissipation per Tube = Watts
Plate Dissipation per Tube % = %

If the tube is a triode (or dual triode with both triodes used):
Plate Current = mA
Plate Dissipation Watts
Plate Dissipation per Tube %

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