Linkwitz Transformation Calculator

What is a Linkwitz Transformation

Equalizer with complex poles and zeros

fo = F-3 Box (calculated or measured)
Qo = Qt Box (calculated or measured)
fp = F-3 Target
Qp = Q Target

The equalizer cancels the original complex poles with zeros (f0, Q0) and adds a new pair of complex poles (fp, Qp) to obtain a targeted 2nd order highpass filter response.

Enter your own values for the numbers, Values are in Hz and uF

Box values fo=  Hz   Qo=  
Target values fp=  Hz   Qp=  
Choose C2   [uF] (0.022uF .... 1uF)

Calculated Component Values:

k: (k>0 required)
The component values are:
R1:  [kOhms]
R2:  [kOhms]
R3:  [kOhms]
C1:  uF  nF
C3: uF  nF
Gain: [dB] Recommended: <= 15dB

   Show Frequency Response Table

Music Type Relative Level at <40Hz
Second Rave Track - 21dB
Maria Carey Song - 15dB

Rap Music - 14dB
Rock music - 13dB
R&B song - 12dB
Rave track - 12dB
Vinyl Bass Track - 11dB
Rave track with bass sweep - 9 dB
Average - 13.44 dB (13dB)

These figures would suggest that boosts of around 10-14dB are possible with the Linkwitz circuit, before any extra amplifier power is needed above that which is required for the frequencies above 40Hz.

For more information look at Linkwitz Lab Subwoofer frequency response equalization

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