Calculate Attenuation Circuit ( L-Pad )

A voltage divider, or L-Pad called, is needed to achieve a level reduction e.g. to adjust the volume of the tweeter.

Speaker DC Resistance: Ohm
Wanted Attenuation: dB
Series resistance R1: Ohm
Parallel resistance R2: Ohm

Calculate here the attenuation and new driver-impedance of an existing attenuation circuit or with resistors different then calculated before.

Impedance from this circuit has to be as close as possible to the original driver impedance. If the difference is >0.25 ohm the filter function is deviating of the computations.

Enter the speaker impedance, R1 and R2
The impedance and attenuation of the circuit including the driver will be calculated.

This can be usefull if you have to use resistors with a different values then calculated for the attenuation circuit.

Speaker DC Resistance:  ohm
Series resistance R1  ohm
Parallel resistance R2  ohm
Driver DC Resistance (incl. attenuator):   ohm
Attenuation:   dB
Driver DC Resistance difference:   ohm
The changed Driver impedance is important to calculate the Crossover Network!

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