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Friday, January 18, 2019
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Audio Fanatic (Italy): Tapered quarter-wave pipes, horns, etc.
Augé (France): A subwoofer and satellites

Beck (Germany): Vintage horns and Karlson resonators
Berchet (France): Design information, e.g. on plasma tweeters
Box Plan Library (Canada): Many construction plans for DIY loudspeakers Brient (France): The largest horns you have ever seen
Brines: Voigt and other tapered quarter-wave pipes (Weems etc.)

Car Stereo (USA): Much speaker info and software
Ciesinger (Germany): Very unusual horns Coefs Speaker Lab (Japan): Various cabinet plans for Fostex units

Daigneau (France): Audax KLS6 floor-standing loudspeaker
DIY Proac: Home-made clone of the ProAc Response 2.5
Doppenberg (Holland): Cabinets for full-range loudspeakers (Lowther, Fostex)
Dunker (Norway): REALLY weird horns !
Dusek (Czechia): Good design info [Czech language]

Eckle (AZ, USA): Several speaker projects including large horn
ESL Club (Holland): About 200 people involved in building their own ESL

Frugal Horn (Canada &USA): Cheap DIY hornloudspeakers

Gallardo (Chile): La Folia homemade ribbon speakers Tony Gee (Holland): Well-documented loudspeaker projects Gravesen (Denmark): DIY loudspeaker projects

Hartsfield (France): Plans for a large horn with JBL drivers
Haumann (Germany): Plasma tweeters and Jericho horns
Haute Fidélité (France): Single-driver speakers (Club à Large Bande)
Henderiecx (Belgium): An impressive active loudspeaker

Johns Audio Projects: Several speakers, interesting one-driver design

King: Quarter-wave loudspeakers
Kreskovsky (USA): Various speakers including LS3/5A clone

Labyrinth Speaker (Japan): Interesting variety of the transmission line Lautsprecher-Selbstbau (Switzerland): Construction plans etc
Larsen (Denmark): Duelund horn project
Leach (GA, USA): Small 3-way satellite loudspeaker
Linkwitz (USA): Open baffle speaker with matching electronics
Loesch (UK): High-efficiency loudspeaker projects LoudMagnet (Holland): Cabinet plans of various manufacturers
LS3/5A (UK): Comprehensive site about the BBC LS3/5A
De Lugt (Holland): Home-made electrostatic loudspeakers

Mauro (France): Speaker projects from various manufacturers
Meddens (Holland): Quad electrostat mods, dipole subwoofer, etc.
Melbourne Audio Club (Australia): Unusual horn with Focal units
Melhuish (USA): Comprehensive site about fullrange loudspeakers
Mogale (UK): Plans for (mainly) horn loudspeakers
Murphy Blaster Productions: Some speaker plans

Olsher (USA): The Dahlia and Poly Natalia speaker plans
Olson (CA, USA): The Ariel series of loudspeaker plans
Ordina Thor (France): Horn and quarter-wave pipe loudspeakers

Paradox (Holland): Several homebuilt speakers Pat (Holland): Horn, quarter wave pipe, open baffle speakers
Petoin (France): Excellent speaker building page
Phinder (Germany): Horn and Voigt pipe plans

Radford (New Zealand): Several speakers including DIY electrostatics Remo (Holland): Speaker kits

Seas (Norway): Suggestions for speakers based on Seas units
Secrets of Home Theatre & High Fidelity (USA): Some speaker plans
Sound of the Valve (Italy): Horn & dipole loudspeaker plans
Speaker Workshop (UK): Audua speaker project, freeware for LS building Stalnaker (USA): The Voigt pipe page
Steele (Grenada): Everything you always wanted to know about subwoofers Subwoofer DIY Page: Another page, completely about subwoofer building
Sumiyama (CT, USA): Several bass-reflex designs Supravox (France): Good drive units, nice kits
Sverrisson (Iceland): Voigt pipes with Kenwood units
Szekeres (PA, USA): Info on wadding, measurement mics, vibration killing

Takahashi (Japan): Transmission line with Seas and Accuton units
Tapered Quarter Wave Pipes (Russia): Theory and practice of TQWP loudspeakers
Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database: Parameters of very many speaker units
Thofte (Denmark): DIY Walsh-type bending-wave transducer
Transmission Line Page:  All about transmission lines

Ulfman (Holland): Comprehensive site about Karlson couplers

Van Veldhuizen (Holland): Horn loudspeakers and SE tube amps
Véron (France): Two- and threeway speaker combinations
Viggo Pedersen (Norway): Elaborate speaker-building page Visaton (Germany): Construction plans for speakers with Visaton units
Vonhof (USA): Unusual home-built loudspeakers (cat-friendly!)

Zeeuwe (Holland): DIY electrostatic, dynamic & horn loudspeaker network