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vrijdag 18 januari 2019
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  Measurement Data for Simulation Programs

Anechoic Chamber* University Oldenburg, Germany

This room of the dimensions 8.50 x 7.00 x 4.00 m3
(measured from wedge-tip to wedge-tip), equipped with foam-wedges
of about 1.5m in depth, fulfills the requirements for free-field
measurements down to a lower limiting frequency of 50Hz.

It is enclosed in a rigid cement housing, which is mounted on springs
inside a separate building.

The resonant frequency of the mass-and-spring system lies below 5Hz.

* Anechoic chambers are commonly used in acoustics to perform experiments in nominally free field conditions.

This means that all sound energy will be traveling away from the source with almost none being reflected back.
Common anechoic chamber experiments include measuring the transfer function of a loudspeaker or the
directivity of noise radiation from industrial machinery. Anechoic chambers are also generally very quiet chambers,
with typical noise levels in the 10-20 dBA range.

According to Guinnness World Records, 2005, Orfield Laboratories NIST certifield anechoic chamber
is "The quietest place on earth" measured at (minus) -9.4 dBA.

  Audax HM 210 C0  
  Alcone AC 6-5 HE  
  Alcone AC 8 HE  
  Alcone AC 15  
  Beyma 8AG-N  
  Creative Sound Solutions FR 125 S  
  Creative Sound Solutions WR 125 ST  
  Excel W15 LY 001  
  Expolinear D 6.8 P  
  Expolinear RT-3 Pro  
  Fostex FE 126 E  
  Gradient GRT 195  
  Mivoc AWX 184  
  Mivoc XAW 180 HC  
  Mivoc XAW 210 HC  
  Mivoc XAW 310 HC  
  Mivoc XGH 258 Alu  
  Monacor SPW 226-8  
  Monacor SP 130X 8  
  Number One DT 107  
  Number One SPH-130  
  Number One SPH-135 TC  
  Peerless SLS 8  
  Peerless SLS 10  
  Peerless XXLS 10  
  Scan Speak 23W-45557T00  
  Scan Speak 25W-8567-SE  
  Scan Speak 26W-8861T00  
  Seas 20 TTF  
  Seas 29 TTF-W  
  Seas CA 22-RNX  
  Seas WA 150  
  Tang Band W3-871 S  
  Tang Band WS-867 SA  
  Visaton B200  
  Visaton FRS 8  

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