MC Cartridge Retipping

Sumiko - Blackbird

A list of all retippers known to me

Tonabnehmerservice FJS , Germany,

Anamighty , France,

Torlai, Italy

Holisticsaudio Netherland

Goldring, UK, they take on repairs for other makes,

Expert Stylus Company, UK,

Sound Smith, USA,

Northwest Analogue, UK,, Germany,

Phono Cartridge Repair, USA,

Phono Phono, Retip-Service, Germany,

Garrot Brothers, Australia,

Van Den Hul, Netherland,

John Wright, Decca specialist, UK,

Ortofon, cartridge repair service, Denmark,

Phono Phono, Retip-Service, Germany seems like a good solution for some cheaper elements - very affordable!