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Friday, 18 January 2019
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  Tweak Sites Overview

Audio Tweaks This site is dedicated to audio tweaks
Jon Risch's Audio DIY Notes & Tweak Info It contains a number of DIY notes, a few diagrams pertaining to those notes, and some info on tweaks and recent developements in the measurement of audio cables
Audio Asylum Great site for discussing anything about audio. It has a section for tweaks too!
Electronic Visionary Systems
Site run by Ric Schultz. Ric has tons of tweaking experience, he is heavily into CD player "mods", with other cool products as well.
Stereophile's Fine Tunes Jonathan Scull's regular "Fine Tunes" column.
Stereophile's Tweaks'n'Squeaks Jack English's 6 page article run-down on tweaks and improving system sound.
TNT-Audio Loaded with great audio information and reviews. It has a "Tips, DIY and Tweakings" section!
Chicago Audio Society Diverse audio related information and reviews. For tweaks check out their "Tips & Tweaks" section.
YC's Hi-Fi Pages An interesting collection of tweaks and advice from a number of audiophiles.
Tweaking the Light Fantastic An article in Audio Ideas Guide by Aaron Marshall. Useful list of tweaks.
AudioNut Cool store full of tweaks and product you can buy.
Audio Revolution's How To's:
acpower, room, and treatments
Interesting and useful hints and ideas from Audio Revolution.
C37 Sound Sensation Magic or magical sounding - spread this one around!
Chris VenHaus Audiophile Pages Great DIY projects and ideas. Cool photos too. Check out his Audiophile Pages.
Enjoy The Music's DIY's Do it yourself ideas from Enjoy The Music. ETM is a great audio related resource on its own.
Measuring Sound Pressure Article in Audiophilia about a very useful device: the sound pressure meter
Parts Express power cord Good entry level DIY power cord form Parts Express. They've got lots of part for other stuff too.
Recommended Audio System Tweaks Brought to you by Magnan Audio Cables.
ON-HIFI Features Lots of articles dealing with tweaks. Your host: Wes Phillips.
see also parts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII
Great articles on SoundStage! by Greg Weaver. Lots of good, sound advice. A must see.
Enough Room Great info about room acoustics from Stereophile.
Bad Vibes Some more from Stereophile, this time about vibration control. Lots of info here!
Chesky's Learning Library Check out Chesky's resource under AUDIOPHILE ARTICLES. 
Acoustica Lots of interesting tweaks from this UK source.
Magnepan (and other speaker) Tweaks Tweaks for Magnepan speaker owners. Lots of great, "roll up your sleeves" kind of tweaks! You'll find tweaks here for other speakers too.
hifijohn Really interesting turntable tweaks and DIY rojects from John K.
True Audio Great site with a number of Tech Topics on speaker design and related audio topics.