The principle of the Wally Skater

The principle of this anti-skating meter is simple. The arm is suspended from the finger lift on a string and the anti-skating setting pulls the arm outwards. By means of another string that hangs down with a lead you can read a certain value of the result that is related to the anti-skating force. It's that simple.

Wally Malewicz has extensively researched this method and compared it with the standard anti skate settings. He concluded that most factory settings overcompensate the skating power relatively much and has assigned an own value to a correct anti-skating setting. This is related to the tracking force of the cartridge used.

Anti skating

Every record player enthusiast has heard of it. There is a lot of discussion about it on forums, but few have studied this record player phenomenon. I will show you how to correctly set a skating force with an easy-to-make anti-skating meter.

What is anti skating?

Most vinyl enthusiasts have an idea but it is not very easy to define this skating power. Broadly speaking, it is the inward force of the turntable arm under the influence of the record playback.

This creates friction from the needle on one side of the record groove. So what we want to do is compensate for this inward force by setting an opposite force. However, if you overcompensate this force due to an incorrect anti-skating setting, you can get friction in the left channel. If the anti-skating force is too low, friction will occur in the right channel.

Since the skating power depends on many factors, an absolute anti-skate setting is never possible. Take the fact that the most anti-skate settings on record players are very inaccurate and more often overcompensate, then setting an optimal anti-skating becomes very difficult.

Many people think that the inward force is only caused by the rotating movement and centrifugal force generated by it. That is partly correct, but that does not say everything. This inward force is generated by a number of variables. Fortunately, a lot of research has already been done into anti skating and we don't need to invent the wheel.

Set Anti Skating by Ear