Is the Anti Skating setting on your Turntable correct?

Many record players or tone arms have a rotary knob or a wire with a weight to set the anti-skating. You can then set the anti skating according to the specifications of the tonearm supplier. As a record player owner, you have to rely on this setting value. But is this value correct?
Or rather:
What is a good anti skate value?
Is a good anti skate setting possible at all?

Anti skating settings

Given the influence of the skating force on the sound image, many turntable manufacturers have come up with a way to compensate for the skating force.
  • Weight on a thread
  • Anti skating met een veer
  • Magnetic anti skating

Weight on a thread

A common and easy to realize method is a weight on a thread. For this, a wire is connected to the tonearm and hung over a fixed point. By hanging the wire further back or increasing the weight, you create a force that pulls the arm outwards. However, this is also the most inaccurate way to compensate for skating force. Besides the fact that the setting is often too coarse, the friction of the thread is also not negligible. We see this attitude at SME, for example. Usually the anti skating force according to the given table of SME is far too much overcompensated.

Anti skating with a spring

By connecting the arm to a spring force, you can give the arm a counter-directional force when it turns inwards. However, the resilience also increases as the end of the plate approaches. An example of a spring-loaded anti-skating setting is the Dual 701.

Magnetic anti skating

This is the most acclaimed institution. The skating force is compensated without friction by means of one or two magnets. We often see this setting in the better and more expensive tonearms. But Thorens also developed a beautiful and accurate anti-skating setting with his TP16 arm early in the 1970s. That the people at Thorens knew what they were doing, you can see from the accuracy of this anti-skating setting. In addition to the rock-solid construction, the TP16 is one of the better tonearms on the market in my opinion. Especially compared to the new-fashioned China made arms such as Rega, Project and Jelco.

Make the Wally Skater yourself