Adjusting the Anti Skate Force

  1. Put the skate meter on the record player

  2. The plumb bob hangs down from the start of the record position. Do not use a record or mat of any type (felt, cork, etc.) at this time.

  3. Make sure the Vertical Tracking Force is properly set.

  4. Affix the thread with the loop to the headshell fingerlift and adjust the length of the string so that the stylus hovers approximately 3mm above the platter. If you do not have a fingerlift, please use a strip of firm-holding tape to attach the string to the headshell at a point that is close as possible to the effective length distance (i.e., the horizontal location of the stylus from the pivot point of the tonearm.) The tonearm should be allowed to swing freely without the stylus touching the platter and without the tonearm touching the bottom bar of the WallySkater.

  5. Slide the top-bar slider (with strings attached) so that the cartridge is located at the outside edge of where the record would be.

  6. Adjust the anti-skating device on the tonearm so that the distance between the plumb bob and the string supporting the tonearm is 5 to 7 percent. (Each hash mark on the lower horizontal bar of the WallySkater equals one percent.)

  7. Move the slider towards the center of the platter and take another readout of the distance between the plumb bob and the string supporting the tonearm. Properly designed anti-skating devices should provide slightly higher percentages at this location – anywhere from 7 to 10 percent.

Here the Anti Skating is 7%