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    The Grinder is not an Optional Thing

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It is very important to get a good grinder, even before you buy an espresso machine.
Don't skimp, don't blow it off.
Get one if you even dare to hope to have quality coffee in the home.

Types of grinders:

Blade grinders use a spinning metal blade to grind coffee. Not much suspense there. These tend to be cylindrical plastic devices that cost around $15 USD.

Cheap-asses take note: these grinders have two major drawbacks.
  1. The coffee is not ground evenly, so you can't get a perfect grind out of them.
  2. The blade tends to heat the coffee, which is detrimental to the flavor.
For those reasons, this type of grinder isn't recommended for espresso.

Burr grinders use a spinning metal plate to shred the coffee evenly. These machines can be automatic -- you tell it how much coffee you want and how fine you want the grind. Incidentally, the device that measures out coffee is known as a "doser."
Several companies now make low-end burr grinders. You should stay away from these, as the low-end models often overheat and do a lousy job of grinding anyhow. In other words, if you don't have much to spend you'd might as well save your hard earned cash and go for a blade grinder. But if the printing press in your basement is churning out crisp counterfeit currency, you're much better off going for a high quality burr grinder.

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