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There are four classes of espresso machines:
  1. Manual Machines
  2. Semi Automatic Machines. These feature an automated pump, automated temperature controls for the boiler, and activation switches to engage and disengage the pump. That's what makes it "semi-automatic" - you decide when to turn the pump on and off.

  3. Automatic Machines. These feature a pump, automated temperature controls for the boiler, and automated (and frequently programmable) preset water volumes selected by pressing a button. That's what makes it "automatic".
  4. Super Automatic Machines. These machines do it all with the press of a button - grind, dose, tamp, brew, and eject the spent puck. This is about as hands off as you can get and still have espresso. This buying guide doesn't address super autos much.

There is a fifth type of machine often called an espresso machine; these are the steam driven machines.
Rather than producing authentic espresso, these machines produce a strong coffee, more akin to what a moka pot or Bialetti stovetop device brews.

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