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   Download Horn Construction Plans

Fostex Lowther Other palns


Description Download:
Horn BK 101 2BK Horn 101  (408 KB)

BK Horn BK 161 BK Horn 161  (514 KB)

BBK Horn BK 201 BK Horn 201  (464 KB)

BK Horn BK 202 BK Horn 202  (457 KB)



Description Download:
Classic 200 Horn Classic 200  (493 KB)

Classic 400 Horn Classic 400  (275 KB)

Delphic 500 Horn Delphic 500  (640 KB)

Acousta Horn Acousta  (417 KB)

Lowther TP 1 Horn TP 1  (1,9 MB)


   Other Plans

Description Download:
Parts and Plans for Horn with 15" driver (Klipsch) (only Woofer) Klipsch Horn  (1,7 MB)

Parts & Plan for the Klipsch Horn (Standard Version) Klipsch Horn Standard  (7,36 MB)

Plan for Schmacks Horn Schmacks Horn

Plan for La Scala Horn (only Woofer) La Scala Horn  (368 KB)

Plan for the Hedlund Horn from Jan Hedlund Hedlund Horn  (42kB)

Parts & Plan for the Karlson Coupler ( German )! Karlson Coupler  (10,7 MB)