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Friday, January 18, 2019
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Calculate the effect of additional mass on the Thiele-Small Parameters  Calculate the sound pressure of multiple speakers  "Lobing" between two spherical wavefronts (drivers) Calculate ETA Importance of the Impedance Curve Calculate Enclosure Resonances Onken Bass Reflex Calculator  Acoustic Power Calculator Sealed Enclosure Calculator (Qtc)  Sealed Enclosure Calculator (Vb)  Vented Box-Calculator  Calculate Bass Horn  Calculate TQWT  Calculate Baffle Diffraction Loss  Thiele's Alignment based on QT Transmission Line Calculator Transmission Line Calculator ( Bailey ) Calculate Enclosures Sixth-Order Bandpass Subwoofer-Calculator Port-Calculator Passive Radiator Calculator Calculate new Qts with Series Inductor TSP Calculator Calculate Driver Reference Efficiency Calculate maximum Sound Pressure Level Loudspeaker Protection Calculate Amplifier Power Required


Calculate Active Bandpass Filter  Calculate Active Low & High Pass Filter  Calculate Serial Network from Impedance Curve Calculate Impedance Equalization Circuit Calculate Q of Second Order Network Calculate 6dB, 12dB, 18dB & 24db Crossover Filters Calculate Attenuation Circuit (Zobel)  Calculate Baffle Diffraction Loss  Series Resonant Circuit For Loudspeakers Series Resonant Circuit For Tube Amps Calculate Parallel Notch Circuit Calculate passive RIAA EQ Network How to measure the Phono Pre-Amplifier  Build a reversed RIAA EQ Network 


Calculate Speed of Sound in fibrous material Wavelength - Frequency Calculator Calculate Room Modes Calculate optimal Room Dimension Reverb (RT60) Calculator Calculate Amount of Standig Waves In A Rectangle Room Calculate your Bass Trap, Panel Absorber, Slot Absorber, Skyline Diffusor or Quadratic Residue Diffusor


Calculate the copper, silver, gold, aluminium or iron wire resistance   LM317 Calculator
(Voltage Regulator & Current Source)  
Ohm's Law Calculator   Heatsink Calculator Wire Resistance, Reactance & Inductance Calculator Linkwitz Transformation Calculate Cable Length & High Frequency Loss Calculate Stepped Attenuator Search Resistor Find Parallel Resistor   Calculate Parallel Resistor Calculate Resistor Values From Color Codes Calculate Inductive And Capacitive Reactance Calculate Led Resistor Calculate Input And Ouput Impedance

   Tube calculations

Calculate Audio Output Transformer Load Resistance  
Calculate Power Supply Smoothing Filter Factors  
Calculate Dropping Resistor for Tube filament  
Grounded-Cathode Amplifier Calculations


Turntable Motor/Pully Calculations Calculate Tonearm / Cartridge Capability Calculate Passive RIAA EQ Network


Convertion Calculator
Fraction to Decimal Calculator

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