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Friday, 18 January 2019
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Valve Designer's Handbook  This book has been written for the benefit of all who have an interest in the design and application of audio amplifiers. PDF - 24Mb Get it now! 
Absorption Coefficient Chart  Absorption Coefficient Chart for Microsoft Excel 5.0 or higher.(Over 450 materials listed)  Get it now! 
AttenuationCalculator  The DACT Attenuation Curve Calculator (ACC) is a tool to assist DACT customers and others interested in designing their attenuator / volume control circuit correctly. The ACC is especially useful for calculating passive volume controls (passive preamps). The Attenuation Curve Calculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (version 5.0 or later). It requires only input of three figures to run a complete set of curves.  Get it now! 
Calculate Room Acoustic  Spreadsheet to Calculate Room Acoustic Measurements  Get it now! 
ElecCalc  A programme to calculate several electronic values like: Ohms Law Calculation, Power Calculations, Frequency Calculations, Inductive Reactance, Capacitive Reactance, Parallel Resistance and Series Resistance Get it now! 
ESP-Transistor  This is a small program to find transistor data. Not everything is listed (1442 different devices). Download a copy, place it into the directory of choice and run the program, which is a self extracting archive. There are two extracted files - ESP-TRAN.EXE and BIPOLAR.TXT, being the executable and database respectively. ESP-SEMI.EXE may be deleted after extraction unless you want to give a copy to someone else. New stuff can be added as you find the data.  Get it now! 
Helmholts Slot Absorber  Excel Calculation Prgram to calculate a Sloet-Helmholtz-Absorber.    Get it now! 
LspCad light  Speaker Calculation Program (Shareware Version)  Get it now! 
MikeysSpBox  Mikey speaker box program is a good box designing program. You need the Small and Theil parameter for designing the box. Win95, Win98, WinMe, Win2000 (Shareware).   Get it now! 
Onken box calculator  Onken box calculator - Excel - (Cyr-Marc Debien)  Get it now! 
Ported  MS Excel Programma with graphical output for sealed Loudspeakersystems  Get it now! 
Reactance  Calculate the reactance of Capacitor or Inductor with a small (24kb) program. Freeware!  Get it now! 
RoomSim  A rectangular room response simulator based on the image method with a Windows interface.   Get it now! 
Sealed-Box-Designer  Sealed Box Calculator (Freeware), nice and small program.  Get it now!  MS Excel Programma with graphical output for sealed Loudspeakersystems  Get it now! 
SpeakerBoxDesigner  Very nice Spreadsheet-Calculation Program for Excel (with graphical output)  Get it now! 
TQWP  TQWT calculator - Excel - (Metric version of John Rutter's)  Get it now! 
TracTrix  Tractrix rectangular contour - Excel - (Erik Forker)  Get it now! 
VuCalculator  VuCalculator is a small (24kb) program to calculate Vu in dB for a noninverting amplifier.Freeware!  Get it now! 
WinISD  Very nice, fast with a big driver database!
Calculates: Passive filters, active filters, Closed, vented, 4th order bandpass and 6th order bandpass (normal and iso-barik[Compound]). 
Get it now! 
Winspkse  Speaker Calculation Program (Demo Version)  Get it now! 
WireCalculator  So how do we relate damping factor to cable sizing?
Rather than doing real Math, Scott Faller created (actually swiped from the internet and modified to suit our needs) a Microsoft Excel file that will do all the dirty work for us. Also in this spreadsheet is an aggregate wire gauge calculator. If you are building a set of CAT 5 speaker cables, you will need to know how many twisted pairs will be need to make, say, a 12 gauge speaker cable. This spreadsheet will do it for you.  
Get it now! 
XLBaffle  Baffle spreadsheet calculator with room interaction - Excel - (Thorsten Loesch)  Get it now! 
XLBox  Box spreadsheet calculator with room interaction - Excel - (Thorsten Loesch) Very good!!  Get it now!